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About The Masters

The Finn World Masters has been sailed every year since 1970. It is the class championship for Finn sailors over 40 years old and is divided into age groups: Master (40-49), Grand Master (50-59), Grand Grand Master (60-69), Legend (70 - 79) and Super Legend (80 and above).

Ages vary between 40 and 82 years, but the binding factor for these Finn sailors is their love of Finn sailing in a friendly and yet very competitive fleet.

The Finn itself is a 4.5 meter singlehanded dinghy with a single mast, and it has been used in the Olympic Games since 1952. Many of the sailors now competing in the Masters have done Olympic campaigns in the past but have stayed sailing the boat because of the first class competition it offers.

The Finn is widely regarded as the toughest challenge in the world of dinghy sailing because to win at Olympics the sailors need to be a perfect athlete, extremely fit and strong to cope with the demand of sailing the boat, tactically astute on the water, and with an excellent technical knowledge of their equipment.

The Finn’s legacy is creating top calibre sailors that have the skills and knowledge to be successful in other areas of the sport, for example, some of the best America’s Cup helmsmen gained their skills in the Finn class.

The Finn is sailed in around 50 countries worldwide and the Masters attracts sailors from around 35 of them. The event regularly attracts more than 200 sailors each year and in 2016, for the first time, 355 sailors travelled to Lake Garda for the biggest Finn event of all time. In 2017, the Masters will be sailed in Barbados and this is the first time it will be sailed in the Caribbean and only the second time outside Europe.

Note: If, in a specific year, you reach(ed) the age as listed, the accompanying title is applicable from January 1 to December 31 of that year.

Title Age bracket 2016 2017 2018 2019
Jan.1 – Dec. 31 Jan.1 – Dec. 31 Jan.1 – Dec. 31 Jan.1 – Dec. 31
Master  40 – 49 incl. Born in 1967 to 1976 incl. Born in 1968 to 1977 incl. Born in 1969 to 1978 incl. Born in 1970 to 1979 incl.
Grand Master 50 – 59 incl. Born in 1957 to 1966 incl. Born in 1958 to 1967 incl. Born in 1959 to 1968 incl. Born in 1960 to 1969 incl.
Grand Grand Master 60 - 69 incl. Born in 1947 to 1956 incl. Born in 1948 to 1957 incl. Born in 1949 to 1958 incl. Born in 1950 to 1959 incl.
Legend 70 - 79 incl. Born in 1937 to 1946 incl.  Born in 1938 to 1947 incl. Born in 1939 to 1948 incl. Born in 1940 to 1949 incl.
Super Legend 80 and above Born in 1936 or earlier Born in 1937 or earlier Born in 1938 or earlier Born in 1939 or earlier

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